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Treating low testosterone levels can be life changing. The symptoms of low testosterone may not be recognized, as they are often chalked up to being a normal part of the aging process. Accurate diagnosis and proper management of low testosterone levels is vital to a man’s health.

Testosterone is a male hormone that produces male sex characteristic and is vital for the masculinization of men. Low testosterone is also known as hypogonadism. The decrease in testosterone levels begins around age 30 and levels continue to decrease at a rate of approximately 1% per year. By age 45, approximately 40% of men will have low testosterone, or andropause. Andropause symptoms include emotional and physical changes, including, irritability, fatigue, loss of motivation, muscle loss, increase in body fat, depression, difficulty sleeping, low libido and erectile dysfunction.

Restoring testosterone levels through testosterone replacement therapy helps to increase muscle mass and strength, shorten gym recovery time, improve mood, reduce fatigue, as well as many other benefits. At Premier Vitality we specialize in the management of testosterone replacement in men who are experiencing low T symptoms. Testosterone is vital in maintaining a man’s heath, motivation, vigor and sexual function. We will monitor you, your symptoms and your lab work through routine follow ups in order to keep your levels optimized. Our goal is to optimize your health to meet your goals and find a better you!

Some of the benefits of Low Testosterone Therapy include:

Benefits of Low Testosterone Treatment

2 main delivery methods for testosterone replacement therapy:

Testosterone injections: Testosterone is injected into the fat layer under the skin or intramuscularly.

Testosterone gel: a topical cream or gel that is applied to the skin, as directed by your health care provider.


Premier Vitality Clinic is dedicated to providing affordable, quality healthcare in a private and convenient location. Through our comprehensive initial visit, consisting of extensive laboratory testing, review of health history and physical exam, together we create a treatment plan that is tailored to fit you.

After starting treatment, you will follow up with our team every 3 months to evaluate your labs, symptoms and to optimize your treatment plan. Once your hormones are fully optimized, you will follow up with our team every 6 months. We are available by phone, email or additional office visit if needed!

Treatment will also entail management of nutritional and vitamin deficits, as well as restoring hormonal imbalances. Ultimately, we want you to reach your goals. Treatments utilized to assist us in reaching these goals include testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), growth hormone optimization, performance enhancement treatment, erectile dysfunction management and comprehensive nutritional and weight management.